(VIDEO): Trevor Bauer Calls Out MLB Over Uniform Violation

Earlier this week, Major League Baseball sent Trevor Bauer a warning about a uniform. Bauer decided to respond on social media and now he responded in his latest vlog.

They would say “we want players to brand themselves” when in fact, the onus is on players to market themselves. And then “we’re not going to help you, and we’re also going to stop you from marketing yourself”. That seems really backward. So this is the first installment of Trevor Bauer fights with MLB over stupid uniform regulations. 

Bauer posted a picture of the letter that MLB sent him on Sunday about the reason he is getting the uniform violation. Here are the specifics:

"Specifically, you violated Section D (2), which prohibits you from having corporate identification or any other logos visible on any part of the undershirt (except for your club's logo, the Major League Baseball silhouetted batter logo, or another logo jointly approved by Major League Baseball and the Players Association)," the letter from Michael Hill, MLB's senior vice president of on-field operations, read.
"An unauthorized logo was visible on your undershirt during your club's spring training games on both March 6, 2021, and March 11, 2021.
"Additionally, you also violated Section M(3), which prohibits you from displaying corporate logos or other identifying marks on equipment, apparel, or outerwear. A belt with corporate identification on it was visible (on the above dates as well)."
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Photo: Getty Images

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