Dave Roberts On David Price, Trevor Bauer & Padres-Dodgers This Year


Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joins the Petros and Money show as pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training. Dave Roberts discusses having David Price and Trevor Bauer, the Padres and more!

On David Price:

I know he is thrilled to be back. After winning a championship, having some turnover I think is essential. Although David was on the team last year, that edge he is going to bring is certainly welcome.

On Trevor Bauer:

Fans in general want access. I think the way the world has shifted, he is certainly at the front of giving access but, he is very respectful. That camera is going to be on at times.

On the Padres big offseason:

I really don't care what any other teams. All I care about is how we prepare and play.

Listen to the conversation above!

Photo: Getty Images

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