(VIDEO): Clayton Kershaw Singing 'I Believe I Can Fly' Will Make Your Day

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Five

We have seen Clayton Kershaw do just about everything during his Dodgers career. Win a Cy Young, division titles, and most recently a World Championship. But have we ever heard him sing out loud?

Brad Paisley and I are sitting down with @lindsaycz to talk about The World Series, music and what we miss about life pre-pandemic on The Artist and The Athlete!

Clayton Kershaw joined the Artist and the Athlete podcast to discuss all things World. During the podcast, Clayton Kershaw was asked if he was joined by an artist on stage what his encore song would be. Kershaw answered 'I Believe I Can Fly' and then proceeded to sing right in front of artist Brad Paisley.

Photo: Getty Images

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