Trevor Bauer On Being A Dodger, No DH & Growing Up At Dodger Stadium

Pitcher Trevor Bauer joins the Petros and Money show to talk about what it's like signing with the Dodgers, growing up watching the game in the stands at Dodger Stadium & looking forward to Spring Training.

Bauer talks about the talented roster the Dodgers have:

You get to pitch arguably with the greatest pitcher the game has ever seen, I get to pitch with Walker Buehler and all the young guys. I don't want to insult anybody by not mentioning their name, but I'm really excited for it.

Which players he related to growing up:

Hideo Nomo, Andre Ethier, Adiran Beltre, Manny Ramirez, Shawn Greene. I remember the clip of Brett Butler climbing the wall in centerfield and robbing a homerun. I actually have a scar on my nose because of that. I saw that play and I was going around the house and I tossed the ball against the door into the garage. I jumped caught it and my head hit the door knob on the way to the ground.

On not having the DH:

It's just time to have a DH in both league. Do they want to watch a pitcher try to bunt and be bad at hitting or do they want to watch David Ortiz hit a homer?
trevor bauer

Photo: Credit Jon.Soo Dodgers

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