Super Bowl Streaker Speaks Out For The First Time

Shandra 'Babs' Littleton from WiLD941 Radio: “I saw you in the club with Mike Evans last night. Did he approve you running out on the field and doing what you did last night??”

'Super Bowl Streaker', Yuri Andrade: “Yeah, he told me he was a big fan! The general manager came up to me and asked me ‘Hey, Mike Evans wants to take a picture with you, he loves it.’ I walked up to him and he was like ‘Damn, that was EPIC! I loved it. We were dying laughing on the sideline!’ He goes ‘You’re the GOAT!’”

Babs: “I’m hearing you placed a bet and won a lot of money. How much was it??”

'Super Bowl Streaker': “About $370,000. Before we even started the bet part, we wanted to do this for Vitaly Uncensored, which is my friends website, a guy who does pranks. Vitaly has been trying to do this for five years and hasn’t had any success doing it. So I came up with this idea to do two people, one to run as a distraction so all the security rushes him so I can clear the field. Once we came up with this idea to do this, I called one of my friends and he was like ‘I wonder if there’s a prop bet for that?’ So we start searching Bovada and Bovada prop bet was +750 for a fan to run onto the field. I immediately started calling every person I know and asked them to set up an account with Bovada and place this bet for me. I did as many as I can, and with the difference, we made a phone call to – I don’t wanna say – but to a very big celebrity in Vegas and we asked him to find someone who would take this prop bet for us. With the difference, I sent someone to Las Vegas Sunday morning at 9 am, they landed at 11, rushed in there, and put the bet in there for me with the difference of the money.”

The ‘Super Bowl 55 Streaker’ went on WiLD 94.1 Monday morning and confirmed that he indeed made upwards of $370,000 on a ‘Will a fan run onto the field?’ Super Bowl prop bet.

Yuri Andrade, 31, from Bacon Raton, has spent most of the week bragging on his personal Instagram about the viral stunt. He told Shandra ‘Babs’ Littleton of WiLD 94.1 that he was at a club with Buccaneers players after their Super Bowl 55 victory, and Bucs superstar wideout Mike Evans got Bucs GM, Jason Licht, to direct Andrade over to Evans to take a picture with him.

Andrade told WiLD 94.1 that Evans called him the ‘GOAT’, and Evans said the entire Tampa sideline was dying laughing during Andrade’s sprint for the endzone wearing a pink thong leotard.

Fans were joking that Andrade’s run was better than any play the Chiefs had all night and that Andrade had scored more touchdowns than the entire Kansas City offense. Although it appeared as though Andrade’s slide near the goal line and into the endzone would have effectively meant he gave himself up at the one-yard line, and in a real game his forward progress would have been stopped a few feet short of the endzone. (HAHA)

The ‘Super Bowl Streaker’ explained that Bovada had a +750 prop bet for a fan running onto the field. Instead of making one giant bet that would have resulted in obvious red flags, he called around his friend group asking them if they would set up an account with Bovada, in an attempt to compile a large number of separate bets that wouldn’t tip off the sportsbooks.

Some sportsbooks do post numbers on more bizarre and obscure bets like the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning head coach or the first song a performer plays at halftime, but they often cap the amount of money you can bet given those results can be potentially tampered with and influenced by people within the event.

Super Bowl Streaker Explains How He Won $370K Prop Bet For Running on Field
Super Bowl Streaker Reportedly Won $375,000 Prop Bet For Running on Field

Andrade told WiLD 94.1 that a buddy of his acted as a diversion during the stunt, and jumped over the railing to draw security over to him before Andrade then lept down with a clear path to the field.

He said he was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and had to pay $1000 to bail him and his friend out of jail.

Andrade said of the stunt:

"It was a misdemeanor trespassing, the cops were laughing the whole time. The cop came up to me while I was in handcuffs and he said ‘bro, you’re all over Barstool, you’re already famous!"

Check out the full interview HERE.

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