Dick Vitale Believes Dodgers Got "Lucky" In 2020 World Series

The Dodgers in 2020 came away with a World Series championship after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6.

People on the outside believed that if Kevin Cash didn't take Blake Snell out, they would have won including Rays fan Dick Vitale. In a interview with Ben Bolch of the L.A. Times, Vitale said that the Rays would have won the World Series if he Snell wasn't taken out by Cash.

People out in L.A. are so blessed, so lucky that the baseball gods were looking after them,” Vitale said, “because if [manager] Kevin Cash doesn’t take Snell out of the game, they win that game 1-0 and with the pressure on the Dodgers in Game 7, [Charlie] Morton would have beaten them and we would have had the world championship as well. Tell them I said that.”

When the Rays lead 1-0, the left-hander struck out nine through four innings and allowed just two hits over 5 1/3 frames, while throwing only 73 pitches. After Snell gave up a one-out single to Austin Barnes and with the top of the Dodgers’ lineup coming up for the third time, Cash ran out of the visiting dugout with the intention of pulling a dominant Snell in favor of Nick Anderson, who was the Rays’ best reliever in the regular season.

Photo: Getty Images

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