Dodgers Walker Buehler On Winning The World Series, Trevor Bauer & More

walker buehler

World Champion pitcher Walker Buehler joins David Vassegh on Dodger Talk to discuss winning the World Series, the ramp up to this upcoming season, Trevor Bauer free agency, Dodgers parade & more!

If There's Something Missing After Winning The World Series:

Part of you always wants that week where you get to celebrate and kind of let go. Selfishly for us we want that parade, we want that going out together and celebrating. There's something to that for sure.

On Trevor Bauer:

It is hard to say we wouldn't want that guy around and he had an amazing year last year. I hope he finds his way in to some blue but obviously that is a little bit above my pay grade.

Listen to the conversation above!

Photo: Getty Images

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