Rams Pursued Aaron Rodgers In A Trade Before Landing Stafford

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers

The Los Angeles Rams landed a big fish on Saturday as they acquired Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions. But was it the first option?

According to Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times reports that the Rams made a run at Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But according to Farmer, the Packers were “adamant” that they weren’t trading Rodgers.

"They wanted to upgrade from Jared Goff Farmer said. "They felt like there were a certain number of quarterbacks who could do that. I think Watson was out of their price range. They made a run at Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers were adamant that they weren't trading him."

Although it’s clear that the Packers want Rodgers for 2021 and that Rodgers wants to stay, Rodgers also wants clarity regarding his status.

Photo: Getty Images

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