Kiké Hernandez Takes To Social Media To Say Goodbye To Los Angeles

Last week, news broke that Kiké Hernandez will be joining the Boston Red Sox. Today, he takes to social media to say goodbye to Los Angeles:

The last 6 of years of my life have been the most incredible! From not knowing if I was gonna be able to crack the big league roster to winning 6 division titles, playing in the postseason every year, 3 World Series appearances and above all, bringing the World Series trophy back to LA!!
I’d like to thank the training staff for helping me stay on the field as much as I could throughout the years, the clubbies for always taking care of me and my family; you guys are the best in the game, the front office for keeping me on the team. The coaching staff for helping me become a better player and developing my abilities. The stadium employees and security team for taking care of my family and helping them feel safe and taken care of always!
Thank you to my teammates for guiding me to become a better player, better teammate, better leader, better man and for being great examples of fatherhood. You were part of my family for the past 6 years and I'm gonna miss you guys incredibly!
Thank you, FANS!!!! There are not enough words for me to describe how THANKFUL I am to you for embracing me from Day 1! From the rally banana days, to the balk-off, to the pinch hits, to Game 5, to the pitching days, to the “Let KIKE CATCH” days, to the bobblehead night, to finally, WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!
Calling DODGER STADIUM home and playing in front of you will FOREVER have a special meaning to me.
I will always be able to close my eyes and think about the times you all screamed out my name after a good defensive play or a big hit. It’s impossible for me to think about that and not get chills!! You always showed me LOVE and kept me on my toes! You supported me through the good and bad times and never gave up on me!
It makes me so proud to leave you as a World Series Champ; you DESERVED THAT!! From the bottom of my heart, I will LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER!


Photo: Getty Images

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