Joe Kelly Reacts To The Loss Of Kiké Hernandez To The Red Sox

Hernandez and the Red Sox agreed to terms on a two-year, $14 million deal last Friday. Many players on the Dodgers reacted to the loss of Kiké including Joe Kelly. Here is what he had to say:

“The teams that are smart know, the teams that win,” Kelly said of front offices who value players like Hernandez. “Usually former baseball players or managers who have played the game, they know it, so when they become managers they make sure to have a guy like that on their team. You need the vocal guy, you need the guy that brings energy, because not every time the manager is going to do that.”

Hernandez spent the past six seasons with the and played a role in L.A.'s World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays last season. While Hernandez has primarily been an outfielder during his seven-year MLB career, he has also spent time at every infield position for the Dodgers besides pitcher and catcher. Hernandez in 2018 had a career-high 21 home runs to go along with 52 RBI in 2018. He followed that up with 17 homers and a career-best 64 RBI the next year.

Photo: Getty Images

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