Patrick Mahomes Pays Homage To Kobe Bryant During Championship Celebration

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills & will be heading to their second straight Super Bowl. A big part of that is quarterback Patrick Mahomes who gave one of his idols growing up was Kobe Bryant.

Mahomes after the AFC Championship Game showed a lot of love for Kobe including quoting one of his most famous lines during an NBA Finals. Here is what he said:

Kobe had one of the best mentalities of all time as far as a competitor going out there and winning championships. Like I said, the job is not finished.

Back in January, Mahomes was in disbelief just like the rest of us as he reacted to the shocking loss of the 41-year-old Los Angeles Lakers legend.

“It’s just such a tragedy for him and his family and every other family [of the victims],” Mahomes said of the crash, which took the lives of nine people, including Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna. They were on their way to Bryant’s Mamba Academy for her basketball game.

Mahomes never got to meet Bryant, and while he didn’t model his own basketball game as a high school player after the former Lakers star, the Chiefs quarterback said Bryant had a profound influence on him.

Photo: Getty Images

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