Blake Snell Believes Rays Handed The Dodgers The World Series

No Dodger fan will ever forget the night of winning the 2020 World Series & apparently, neither has Blake Snell.

Snell felt like that was the moment he was taken out that night was the minute he knew the Rays handed the Dodgers the World Series. Here is what he said in an appearance on CC Sabathia's podcast:

I was like **** how did we lose? I was honestly lost. We really just handed them the World Series, that is how I felt.

When the Rays lead 1-0, the left-hander struck out nine through four innings and allowed just two hits over 5 1/3 frames, while throwing only 73 pitches. After Snell gave up a one-out single to Austin Barnes and with the top of the Dodgers’ lineup coming up for the third time, Cash ran out of the visiting dugout with the intention of pulling a dominant Snell in favor of Nick Anderson, who was the Rays’ best reliever in the regular season.

Photo: Getty Images

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