Text Messages Reveal Gerrit Cole, Verlander Linked To Doctored Baseballs

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros

Just a little over a year after the Astros made big news with the cheating scandal that sent shockwaves throughout baseball, news breaks again that involved one current and former Astros pitcher.

Today, an article in the Houston Chronicle that was released, Brian Harkins revealed a 2019 text message from Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole. In the message, Cole asked Harkins for help developing a new substance to use that won’t be changed by the cold weather. Here is what the text from Cole revealed.

"Hey Bubba, it's Gerrit Cole," the text reads. "I was wondering if you could help me out with this sticky situation [winky face emoji]. We don't see you until May, but we have some road games in April that are in cold weather places. The stuff I had last year seizes up when it gets cold ..."

Harkins was fired last March from the Angels after the organization was informed by Major League Baseball that he was providing pitchers with an illegal blend of rosin and pine tar.

Photo: Getty Images

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