(VIDEO): Wheel Of Fortune Takes A Subtle Jab At The Houston Astros

The subtle shots at the Houston Astros not only have been coming from players around the MLB, but now it is coming from the famous game show Wheel of Fortune.

During an episode that aired, one of the answers was revealed was 'banging on trash cans' which of course the Astros did in the 2017 season and beyond. Following the solved puzzle, host Pat Sajak decided to hold back on taking a shot on the Astros.

"I was gonna do a baseball joke there, but it's too easy."

The Astros have been the topic of conversation last season after The Athletic posted a story talking about a former Houston player's accounts of the team stealing signs electronically during their 2017 World Series championship season.

The team allegedly linked a camera from center field to a TV monitor near the dugout steps to decode the opponents' signs and alert their hitters of an off-speed pitch by slamming against a trash can. 

Photo: Getty Images

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