Jon Gruden Explains Why He Was Wearing An Oakland Raiders Hat On TNF

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden's hat of choice in the Thursday Night Football game vs. the Los Angeles Chargers had a lot of people talking.

The Las Vegas Raiders coach was sporting a Raiders hat while on the sideline of his team's game against the Chargers but it was one that was out of date.

Gruden's hat was one from the Oakland Raiders, where the team played until the end of last season. It seems like someone pointed out the mistake to him during the game, as he switched to a hat with the same exact font, but with the city reading Las Vegas instead. Here is what Jon Gruden said after the game:

"I apologize for not having the right hat on," Gruden said after the game. "Somebody played a pretty good trick on me." 

Photo: Getty Images

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