Shaq Explains Why Anthony Davis Shouldn't Be Called A "Big Man"

2020 NBA Finals - Game Five

Anthony Davis is one of the best and most complementary player LeBron has ever had in his career.

Anthony Davis played the role of center in the Lakers’ closing lineups throughout the regular season. He also took over as the default center in the playoffs against the Rockets and the Heat. His ability to serve as a ‘small-ball’ big man helped the Lakers’ versatility immensely. But another dominant force that played for the Lakers is Shaquille O'Neal and he had some thoughts on people calling Anthony Davis a big man.

Shaquille O’Neal, however, is having none of the big man talk about AD. In his view, a “big man” and “power forward” are two different things because, well, they play different roles and styles:

“I hate when you all put power forwards and big men in the same category. You should talk to Tim Duncan. Because power forwards and big men are two different categories. Period.”

Do you agree with Shaq?

Photo: Getty Images

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