Video Clip Shows Coach Punching Pee Wee Football Player On Field

Just a horrific scene that was going around social media. The clip shows coach Alexis Cobb angrily hitting a player for the Savannah Gators during a championship game.

An adult 9U football coach in Georgia was seen in a viral video aggressively punching a child at least two times. In the video, the man appears to aggressively deliver a hard right-hand punch to the child’s helmet twice. He also grabs the boy and shakes him while another adult stands nearby. A third man comes over to the situation but does not intervene. 

One tweet of the video calls the interaction “pure cowardice.” 

The incident happened during a game of the 9U Savannah Gators. It happened during play at the American Youth Football National Championships in Kissimmee, Florida. The coach, identified asAlexis Cobb, posted a video apology on Facebook in the comments of the team page, but he expressed regret only for reprimanding the child in public. Here is what he said below:

“I shouldn’t have disciplined [the child] in public,” he added. “I should’ve waited ’til we got back. At the end of the day, I apologize to him, the kids, the city, and my family back at home. I do apologize.”

Photo: Getty Images

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