Stan Kasten Says He Is Preparing For A Season With Fans In Stands

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven

With the 2020 season ending with the Dodgers winning the World Series, it is time to look ahead to the 2021 season.

We are all awaiting to see when we can gather back at Dodger Stadium again. That question was asked to Dodgers president Stan Kasten and does not yet know the answer to that either, although he says they are preparing for fans in the stands according to Jess Golden of CNBC:

“I think right now we are planning a full season. We are planning on having fans in attendance, as I speak to you today in Los Angeles, it’s a very difficult time. Because COVID is spiking in L.A., it’s spiking everywhere in the country. But Opening day is a good four or five months away, and hopefully there will be progress on getting the rates of infection in hand. Hopefully by then we will have one or more vaccines available to help make it even safer for fans to come.
“So my guess is that we will have a full season, and we are planning for having full stadiums, but we will adapt and do what we have to do to get the season done. What we proved this year was, whatever the conditions, we can pull off a season, get it to completion and produce a world championship.”

Photo: Getty Images

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