LeBron James Comments On The Possibility Of Pau Gasol On The Lakers

The 2020-21 Los Angeles Lakers roster is almost complete with Anthony Davis likely the last key signing for the Lakers. Jared Dudley was recently signed to a minimum deal, leaving the Lakers with two more slots to fill.Could Pau Gasol make sense?

The Lakers do need another big man and adding the 40-year-old Gasol could make sense. However, questions remain in the air on how well he can keep up and stay healthy. The two-time NBA champion does have the experience but seeing him play real minutes is uncertain.

LeBron James probably knows that and this is the reason why he responded neutrally to a possible Pau Gasol re-signing. Here is what LeBron James said when asked about the possibility of a reunion happening.

“Is Pau Gasol coming back to the Lakers?”
LeBron: “We’ll see”

Would you like to see Pau Gasol coming back to the city he brought two championships to alongside Kobe?

Photo: Getty Images

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