Blake Treinen Backs Justin Turner: "MLB Needs To Be Supporting Him"

Exactly a week ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 4-2 to win their first World Series since the 1988 season. But the big topic of conversation has been Justin Turner & the COVID-19 diagnosis that he got in late innings of Game 6.

In a radio interview this week, Blake Treinen said he feels like Turner’s been given way too much hate for what happened, and that Major League Baseball needs to step up and help him clear his name.

“We all have JT’s back,” Treinen said on The Mad Dog Sports show. “I think the general public hasn’t really been given a lot of the truth involved in that. It’s really unfair what’s happened to him. Without going into details, I feel like the MLB needs to be supporting him more than they’re smearing him the way they did.”

Turner’s coronavirus diagnosis shocked the entire baseball world, but seeing him celebrating with the Dodgers after being removed from the game was arguably even more stunning. Per Treinen, however, there are some facts that haven’t been revealed yet that will make Turner’s decision a bit more reasonable.

Photo: Getty Images

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