(VIDEO): Two Fans Caught On Camera Sneaking In To MLB Wild Card Game

Something we all quite didn't expect unfolded during an AL Wild Card game yesterday.

A bizarre scene unfolded on television during the Yankees-Indians playoff game in Cleveland on Wednesday night, when cameras went live and captured two men being escorted by police after their reported arrest.

The ESPN broadcast was showing a small gathering of diehard Indians fans who had gathered outside Progressive Field when they accidentally caught two fans being arrested for apparently sneaking into the playoff game, which is off-limits to fans along with the rest of MLB games this season to date.

Obviously due to health concerns for COVID-19, fans haven’t been allowed to attend any games during this 2020 season. But, yesterday MLB released a plan to have limited attendance in the NLCS and World Series that will be played at a neutral site in Arlington, Texas. MLB won’t have fans for the ALCS in San Diego as it didn’t expect to gave government clearance.

Photo: Getty Images

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