Corey Seager Details How The Dodgers Celebrated After Clinching NL West

Your Los Angeles Dodgers have won another division title on Tuesday night by defeating the Oakland A's at Dodger Stadium.The only let down about the whole night is the postgame reaction wasn’t full of the usual exuberance we’ve seen in recent seasons. There were no fans in the stands to provide the energy at Dodger Stadium, and MLB has told all teams that celebrations in the locker rooms that including alcohol is not allowed.

Corey Seager in the postgame press conference detailed what happened in the clubhouse:

“It’s a moment you need to celebrate, and we talked about enjoying the ride and all that stuff,” Seager said, “but to be able to have champagne showers, beer showers and stuff like that is fun, so it sucks to not be able to do.”

Since Dave Roberts took over as manager the Dodgers have won five division titles in five years and five postseason series including 2 World Series appearances.

Photo: Getty Images

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