(VIDEO): Banner Taunting The Houston Astros Flies Over Dodger Stadium

The heckling continues near Dodger Stadium.

Back a couple months ago, David Yontz, a Dodgers fan from Georgia ended up starting a GoFundMePage to raise $850 to pay for a flying banner when the Astros came to town. Brendan Donley, the man behind the 2020 Astros Shame Tour, tweeted out the information prior and now it has come to life right before the Astros take on the Dodgers.

Earlier today, Dodger fans headed over to the stadium to boo the Astros on their way into the complex, and they've got all the signs to make Houston feel shame. Los Angeles Dodgers will start a two game series with the Houston Astros starting tonight before a very important series with the San Diego Padres this upcoming week.

Dodgers-Astros first pitch will happen at 5:07pm right here on AM 570 LA Sports. Joe Kelly will also be taking your phone calls right after the game.

Photo: Getty Images

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