(PHOTOS): Joe Kelly Pays A Visit To The Mural Created By Jonas Never

Dodgers Joe Kelly decided to pay a visit to his mural out in Los Angeles. Photos were posted of Joe Kelly rocking a Kobe jersey in front of his pouty face mural done by Jonas Never.

The famous artist that goes by @never1959 on Twitter (Jonas Never) decided to paint a mural of the famous Joe Kelly face in Los Angeles just in time for the Astros to come to town.

New wall for the legend that is Joe Kelly... wanted to make sure I got it done before the Astros come to town next week. It’s on the@Floyds99in Silver Lake on Sunset & Parkman

The Dodgers reliever command is historically a bit wild to say the least. He came close to hitting Alex Bregman in one inning during the first meeting. He also came close to hitting Correa with a pitch as well that sparked the fire right before the bases cleared out.

Historically between these two squads, the Astros were caught cheating in the 2017 season in which they were illegally stealing signs using technology and trash cans to signal batters what pitches were coming their way. The Astros beat the Dodgers in seven games in the 2017 World Series which has caused a big controversy.

The Houston Astros come to Los Angeles this weekend and will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers in a two game series.

Photo: Getty Images

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