Vin Scully Set To Auction Off Memorabilia Items From His 67-Year Career

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

Vin Scully is offering fans a chance to buy some of the unbelievable memorabilia he has acquired over the years. Not only that, he will be auctioning off his personal belongings.

The Hall Of Fame announcer is auctioning off items from his 67 years in the broadcast booth, including World Series rings, the score book from his final season, a scrapbook of his early career highlights that was kept by his mother.

"Wow, there is a chapter of my life that really hurts," he told the Associated Press, "but at my age and after some physical problems, I knew I'd never be able to hold them again. I heard a door close in my life."

Scully took a bad fall in April at the end of his driveway while retrieving the mail, breaking his nose and ribs and suffering a concussion.

"It was a learning experience," he said. "I hold on to my walker."

The auction was originally scheduled for All-Star weekend in Los Angeles in July but was moved online when the game was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Bats, balls, baseball cards, award plaques and trophies. World Series rings. The spiral-bound scorebook from his final season in 2016. They represent the physical remnants of his 67 years with the Dodgers, from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

Photo: Getty Images

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