MLB Threatened To Eject Trevor Bauer If He Wore 'Free Joe Kelly' Cleats

Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer was warned of possible discipline if he were to wear custom cleats that say "FREE JOE KELLY" on one shoe and have an illustration of the Dodgers pitcher on the other, Bauer told ESPN's Jeff Passan Wednesday.

Kelly is currently on the injured list, but will have to serve a five-game suspension when he comes off the list. The players association said Wednesday night it was dismayed by the length of the ban.

“While we understand the concerns raised by the league with respect to a bench-clearing incident during this challenging season, we’re disappointed by the decision,” the union said. “It was an unfair result for Joe Kelly given the cases presented.”

MLB's footwear regulations state that "MLB and the Player's Club will each have discretionary rights to deny any proposed design." The regulations also say cleats "may contain writings, illustrations, and messages."

Photo: Getty Images

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