Shaquille O'neal Reveals His Kobe Bryant Shrine Made At His House

Los Angeles Lakers legends Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant combined to win three NBA titles and became one of the best duos in the history of the NBA.

While not always seeing eye to eye all the time, O’Neal and Bryant made it work in the for quite some time. The tandem even often joked about their back-and-forth routine in recent years.

The unfortunate news that just shook the world on January 26th 2020 was that Kobe Bryant was tragically killed in a helicopter crash. With that said, O’Neal has continued to remember Kobe and recently admitted that he has even assembled a shrine dedicated to his former Lakers teammate in his home.

“I actually got a shrine in my house that I put up,” the former Lakers big man toldEntertainment Tonight as he showed the shrine for Kobe, per Essentially Sports. “See the shrine I put up in my living room? So I definitely think about them every day and the world is doing a great job of keeping them alive.”

Photo: Getty Images

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