Theater In Bakersfield Shows Support For Joe Kelly After Suspension Ruling

The famous Fox Theater decided to show support for Joe Kelly as they posted this message on its marquee Wednesday: “Thank you Joe Kelly.”

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly was suspended eight games for his actions during Tuesday night’s game against the Houston Astros. The message was on the marquee before Kelly’s suspension was announced. During the sixth inning, Kelly threw a pitch near Houston’s Alex Bregman’s head and shortstop Carlos Correa. After striking out Correa, Kelly taunted him as he walked toward the Dodgers’ dugout. Both benches emptied, but the the teams were kept apart and no punches were thrown. Joe Kelly is appealing the suspension.

Local fans have donated to the Fox Theater to put up other callouts after the sign stealing scandal during the 2017 season.

Photo: Getty Images

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