Fans Make An Edit To Joe Kelly's Wikipedia Page After Win Vs. Astros

Things got heated Tuesday night in Houston. Benches cleared during the Dodgers-Astros game after Los Angeles pitcher Joe Kelly threw a pair of pitches that didn’t sit well with Houston.

The first incident came in the bottom of the sixth inning. Then came Carlos Correa’s at-bat in the same inning. With two outs in the sixth, Kelly threw an inside breaking ball that caused Correa to duck out of the way. It wasn’t until Correa’s strikeout, and Kelly’s reaction as he walked off, when the benches with social distancing somewhat in mind.

After the Dodgers win over the Astros, some fans decided to head to Wikipedia and change up some information on Joe Kelly's page. It reads:

(Joe Kelly) pitched for the Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox before joining the Dodgers. He is also the father of Carlos Correa.

If you didn't have fun listening to some baseball tonight, the Dodgers and Astros will square off again tomorrow.

Photo: Getty Images

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