The Incredible Story Behind The Balloon That Ended Up At Dodger Stadium

chaz dean

As the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants on Thursday night, it felt like business as usual at Dodger Stadium, despite the stadium being empty on an Opening Night.

Well, in the 8th inning of the game, with the Dodgers up 6-1, a birthday balloon made its way onto the field, landing on the infield dirt near second base. Many people ended up confused as to how a balloon got on the field with no fans. Well now, we have an answer to it.

Chaz Dean who was on with Roggin and Rodney on Friday, posted on his Instagram story that night that he got several balloons for his birthday and let go of one in honor of his mother Millie who just passed away earlier in the week. That same balloon ended up on the field at Dodger Stadium on Opening Night.

One of my birthday balloons got away today. It said it was an honor of Millie my birth mother who passed away four days ago.
Little did we know that it would end up at Dodger Stadium for the first game of the season and land on the field at the first homerun of the season.

Photo: Getty Images

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