Magic Johnson Admits He Doesn't Write His Own Tweets

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This could be a somewhat shocking news to many people that are on Twitter.

Magic Johnson has been famous over the last few years on Twitter by tweeting out some crazy takes. But in a recent podcast with Rob Lowe, he shared something about those crazy tweets. Apparently, he doesn’t write them.

Here’s the transcript of the exchange:

Rob Lowe: Do you know Pardon My Take? I did their podcast. Those guys are huge fans of yours as you know, and I said look, ‘you’re the best sports podcast, I’m going to be interviewing Magic Johnson, he’s going to be one of my first guests, do you have any questions, do you have any thoughts?’ And they’re like ‘you have to ask him, does he write his own tweets?’ And I was like what? Of all the things? Of all the things that you could ask one of the greatest men, players, but that’s what they wanted to ask, so here I am, I’m asking: Why are they obsessed with your tweets?
Magic Johnson: I don’t know. No, I have somebody write them out. I tell them what I want to say and they write them.

Lakers fans remember how Magic Johnson quit the organization because he could no longer voice his opinions about the league’s comings and goings. It’s a bewildering bit of news that he wasn’t even the one writing them in the first place. Or maybe he’s just distancing himself from tweets such as these?

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