Taiwan Baseball Broadcast Troll The Houston Astros During A Game

Major League Baseball opening day is a little over three weeks away, and teams from outside of the country are already taking shots at the Houston Astros. During a game this week, a couple of play-by-play guys were going back in forth and brought up the Houston Astros scandal.

Of course earlier this year, the team fired manager AJ Hinch, and General Manager Jeff Lundhow in January after being fined $5 million and docked several draft picks for the scheme. Both had been suspended for one year by Robert D. Manfred, the Major League Baseball commissioner, who has been intensely criticized for not punishing any of the players and not vacating the Astros’ World Series title from 2017.

When baseball gets back in the next few weeks, it should be interesting how teams handle the Houston Astros. Camps will open July 1, with 29 of the 30 teams staging camps at their home ballparks.

Photo: Getty Images

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