Justin Turner On The MLB-MLBPA Negotiations, COVID-19 Concerns, & More!

justin turner

Dodgers 3B Justin Turner joins the Petros and Money show to discuss behind the scenes negotiations with the MLB, his thoughts on the 2B rule in extra innings, and COVID-19 testing during the season.

Justin Turner on the MLB-MLBPA Negotiations:

A lot of crap really I don't understand. I thought we were going to work together with both sides to work something out. For whatever reason, they couldn't do that. There was a lot of people who thought the season was flat out going to be cancelled.

Justin Turner on COVID-19 concerns:

The one good thing about baseball is that it is basically a socially distanced sport. It's my opinion that I want to get back out there and I think the testing is going to be significant enough to where we are able to identify it early and not have it spread anywhere.

Listen to the conversation!

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