Fans Show Off A Redesign Of The Los Angeles Rams Uniforms

This NFL offseason, the Los Angeles Rams decided to a complete re-brand where the team ventured down the offseason with new logos, new uniforms, a new helmet and touched-up colors. Once it was revealed, many people had opinions on the look of it all.

Back in May, the Rams dropped their uniforms and many people came out and shared their thoughts on how it looked including Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson.

"This is football. This ain’t nothing to do with surfing. This ain’t nothing to do with waves." This is football. This is a man’s sport. And to me, it just looks soft. It don’t look like football. It don’t look hard."

One fan decided to do a complete rebrand as well and shared on social media his redesign of the Los Angeles Rams uniform.

Based in Inglewood, California, the $5 billion Sofi Stadium will host the Rams’ 2020 season opener Sept. 13 at 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC’s Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys.

Photo: Getty Images

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