(VIDEO): Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Shown Lanai Doors Open By Drone Video

Fans were given a sneak peek inside the Las Vegas new stadium Thursday when the lanai doors were opened. In video footage taken by a drone, the doors at Allegiant Stadium opened to reveal the Al Davis memorial torch:

PerMick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the torch is 85 feet tall, made of carbon fiber and aluminum and spans multiple stadium levels. It will be lit by a combination of lights and special effects, not an actual flame.

The lanai glass doors will remain open, weather permitting, on days when the Raiders are playing or events are happening to provide fans in attendance with a view of the Las Vegas strip. The giant doors, which are to be opened on game day to reveal the Las Vegas strip from inside the stadium, were open today and in so doing, gave anyone within eyeshot a full view of the shiny new Al Davis torch standing just inside. Along with the stadium nearing its completion, with a schedule to be ready by August, the team’s new facility in Henderson is to be completed this month.

The team has begun moving into the training facility, just a mile up the road from the stadium.

Photo: Getty Images

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