Former GM Speaks On A Possible Mookie Betts Extension

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers

Earlier this year, the Dodgers acquired 2018 MVP outfielder Mookie Betts as well as former Cy Young Award winner David Price and cash from the Red Sox for three young talents in one of the most game-changing blockbuster trades in recent history.

With the MLB season in the balance, many fans realize that Mookie Betts' deal is up after the 2020 season where he could enter free agency. Former GM Jim Bowden speculates that the Dodgers will pursue to keep him long term.

Former General Manager Jim Bowden speculates that the Dodgers will go after Betts heavily in his free agency. Here is his thoughts on the possibility Mookie Betts staying in Los Angeles after being trade this offseason. 

If you gave me a choice of Betts or Bryce Harper, I’m taking Betts. If you gave me a choice between Betts or Machado, I’m taking Betts. He’s an exception to me, I’m gonna find ways to pay him if I’m the Dodgers. I’m just gonna find ways.

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