Fan Recreates Dodger Stadium In His Backyard

Los Angeles Dodgers fans arguably have the most passionate fan base in all of baseball. Even without baseball currently, fans are finding ways to say engaged and be creative. On Sunday, one fan shared a series of images of a fan-made Dodger Stadium that was recreated in his backyard.

The homemade stadium is complete with the iconic “Welcome to Dodgers” sign, the seafoam blue outfield walls and a scoreboard. There are also the retired Dodgers numbers, the Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin icon, two foul posts and an American flag.

The entire MLB 2020 season is on hold due to the coronavirus. At press time the talks of bringing baseball back to America were happening, which is a great sign. Unfortunately, that’s really all we know. There’s no resume date or even a hopeful return date. Right now there are two big groups, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association discussing all the terms and there are still big restrictions in place that vary from county to county.

Photo: Getty Images

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