(VIDEO): Tom Brady Splits His Pants After Sinking Incredible Shot

Tom Brady finally made a great golf shot during The Match: Champions for Charity on Sunday afternoon, but it didn’t come without a little bit of a mishap. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has struggled to hit the ball with any kind of accuracy for most of the match. Brady’s found the water, the sand, the tree and just about everything but the fairway.

But at the biggest moment, Brady silenced everyone for a moment, sinking an approach shot from 150 yards or so out on the No. 7 hole. The ball found the green and spun back into the hole.

It was an incredible moment.“Take a suck of thatChuck,” Brady told Charles Barkley, who had been talking some trash before the shot.

Unfortunately for Brady, he got a little too excited in the moment. He split his pants either on that shot or when he picked up his ball from the hole.

“I split my pants,” Brady confirmed to Turner Sports. “There was so much torque in that swing.”

Photo: Getty Images

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