NFL Approves Lending LA Rams $500 Million For SoFi Stadium Development

According to Daniel Kaplan, the NFL has approved lending the LA Rams another $500 million for SoFi Stadium Development.

According to Kaplan, the franchise has reportedly sent multiple inquiries to the NFL for help. The first was a request for an extra $500 million to “offset cost overruns.” The second request was to ask for double the initial time they were originally given to payback all the money they have borrowed, increasing the current plan of 15 years to 30. If they receive the extra $500 million, that would bring the Rams’ total to $900 million.

At this point, it’s almost safe to say that fans will not be in the stands, at least during the beginning of the season. With some NFL facilities able to open starting next week, hope is certainly on the rise. That is the biggest remaining question mark still sits with whether or not SoFi Stadium will even be able to open when and if construction in completed. The state of California has recently said that sports will likely return at the beginning of June.

Photo: Getty Images

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