Alex Bregman Leaves Clutch Sports After Announcement Of Astros Docuseries

LeBron James sports media company will be producing sports media company Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, and at least one member of the Astros might be frustrated about that. Bregman, who was previously represented by Klutch Sports, has left the company to find a new agent, according to’s Mark Feinsand.

Rich Paul, James’ agent, works for Klutch Sports. Bregman may not have appreciated that someone in his agency was involved in a documentary about the Astros’ scandal.

Bregman’s exit could be completely unrelated to James being at Klutch Sports, of course. Perhaps the 26-year-old Bregman felt it was time for a change. Players switch agents all the time. We don’t know if there was more going on behind the scenes.

Even if Bregman left for other reasons, his timing is less than ideal. James’ company Uninterrupted announced it would be making the documentary Friday. Four days later, news broke that Bregman was leaving Klutch Sports. While the optics may look bad, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. If Bregman feels he’s making the right decision, then he has to do what’s best for him.

Photo: Getty Images

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