Ex-WWE Star Shad Gaspard Goes Missing During Beach Swim

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TMZ is reporting that former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard missing while he was out swimming with his 10-year old son on Venice Beach on Sunday. According to the report, officials are "desperately searching" for Gaspard, who was caught in a strong rip current, sometime around 4 PM. Gaspard's son, and a bunch of other swimmers were caught as well, with several lifeguards sprinting into the water to pull them out.

Gaspard's son was among the ones who were rescued, but the former has not been located yet. An official affiliated with the L.A. Fire Dept. told the media persons that the former WWE Superstar "did submerge". TMZ has also reported that divers scoured the area where Gaspard was last seen and helicopters were searching the area as well. One of the witnesses told TMZ that when lifeguards approached the swimmers, Gaspard instructed them to save the life of his son first, which they eventually did. While the rescue was going on, another large wave crashed down on him, after which he disappeared.

Gaspard's wife had accompanied the father-son duo on the beach as well.

Photo: Getty Images

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