(VIDEO): Behind The Scenes Look At The New Pavilion At Dodger Stadium

Major League Baseball is currently looking at options to figure out how to play the 2020 season. But while we wait, how about we take a look at the progress at Dodger Stadium?

The Dodgers' executive chef Ryan Evans of Levy Restaurants posted a behind the scenes look at the latest at the stadium on Tuesday. Renovations at Dodger Stadium are now moving at a slower pace according to Stan Kasten when he was on with Petros and Money earlier last month. While construction hasn’t come to a halt, there was skepticism that the project would be finished very soon.

With the start of the regular season indefinitely postponed, one could assume there will be enough time to complete the entire project before the Dodgers are ready to take the field again. The upcoming upgrades to Dodger Stadium were announced last year and paired well with the Dodgers being awarded the 2020 MLB All-Star Game.

Photo: Getty Images

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