Mamba Sports Academy Honors Kobe By Retiring “Mamba” From Name

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The Mamba Sports Academy is officially moving on from "Mamba" from its name out of respect for Kobe.

The Mamba Sports Academy was launched in 2018 as a joint athletic training business venture with Bryant and Sports Academy's CEO Chad Faulkner. According to the Undefeated, the name will be officially changed back to The Sports Academy on Tuesday with a new website and logo re-branding, Faulkner told The Undefeated.

Kobe, Gianna, and seven others were on their way to Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks on the morning of Jan. 26 when their helicopter crashed, and all aboard died.

"Our beliefs and thoughts are Kobe is one of one. 'Mamba' is one of one," Faulkner told The Undefeated. "And with that as we carry on as the Sports Academy, it's more appropriate to put Kobe in another Hall of Fame, if you will, and to really respect a legacy that is really unrivaled, frankly, and let that live on its own. We will continue to do the work we do.
"We were fortunate to learn from Kobe. We will carry on much of those learnings that we have in a respectful way."

The Sports Academy has locations in Thousand Oaks and Redondo Beach, California, although both facilities are primarily closed now due to the COVID-19 pandemic with exception to the medical clinic in the former. Faulkner said he would be "all for" placing a memorial of the five-time NBA champion at both locations, but only with the blessing of the Bryant family.

The new website for the Academy will be, and its social handle will be @sportsxacademy.

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