Petros Reacts 'The Bold Recruiting Renaissance' Piece On USC


Petros and Money react to the story written about USC's bold recruiting over the last couple of years.

Petros reaction to the story:

Here are the recruiting rankings. 2015: 1st in the nation. 2016: 10th in the nation. 2017: 2018: 3rd in the nation. Those players recruited and signed from '15-18' are the core of the USC teams that have gone 13-12 over the last two years. How do you sell that to people?
They pump all this offseason stuff up and once the season starts, there's nothing to celebrate. They are so thirsty for credit in the offseason.
Bohn is collecting loyal guys to glorify the program with this thin offseason news. Bohn is better at developing young media members than Helton is at developing young football players.

Listen to conversation above!

Photo: Getty Images

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