Flyover Shows An Updated Look At Dodger Stadium Construction

It is still surreal to think that it is currently the beginning of May and we are not at Dodger Stadium watching some baseball.

A couple of weeks ago, Stan Kasten when he was on with Petros and Money said that construction has come to a slower pace. While construction hasn’t come to a halt, there was skepticism that the project would be finished by the end of last month. Youtube User by the name of Micah Muzio posts his video of him in the helicopter showing off the progress of construction of Dodger Stadium.

You notice right away that the plaza is getting closer and closer to getting finished and the screens are looking ready to go whenever baseball resumes.

With the start of the regular season indefinitely postponed, one could assume there will be enough time to complete the entire project before the Dodgers are ready to take the field again. The upcoming upgrades to Dodger Stadium were announced last year and paired well with the Dodgers being awarded the 2020 MLB All-Star Game.

Photo: Getty Images

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