REPORT: MLB Considering Playing Games In Empty Spring Training Parks

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As of right now, many sports leagues are gathering together to see if there is another way they can continue a season. Baseball is actually considering an alternative to playing according to Ken Rosenthal and playing in empty spring training parks, with no fans and quarantined players.

As Rosenthal explains, the theoretical plan being explored by MLB would have all 30 teams in one location – most likely Arizona, given the close proximity of the facilities there all clustered around the Phoenix area – and the games would just be for TV viewing. Maybe it would be for the first month of the season, maybe two, maybe the whole thing. That part might be TBD right from the get-go.

If baseball decides to go this route, teams would be limited to spring training stadiums, which are much smaller in capacity size, in Florida or Arizona. Rather than cancel the entire season, the MLB is trying to salvage some semblance of a competitive year.

Teams would be bunched together, likely in hotels, and would need to adhere to regular social distancing guidelines and protocols to continue combatting the coronavirus. Of course, play would only resume if the CDC and health organizations deem it safe enough to have lighter restrictions.

Photo: Getty Images

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