Bruce Arians Shuts Down Rumors of Antonio Brown Joining Brady in Tampa

Tiki & Tierney: “There is speculation that Antonio Brown wants to come down there and play with you. You know him a little bit from the Pittsburgh Steelers days, but what is the likelihood of AB getting back in Tampa? I know Tom has had an affinity for him because of his work ethic.”
Bruce Arians: “Yeah, it’s not going to happen. Just not going to happen. There is no room. It’s probably not enough money, but it’s just not going to happen, it’s not a fit here.”
Tiki & Tierney: “There is room because you lost Perriman, if he says ‘I’m coming in on the veteran minimum, coach, I just want to play with Tom’, you’re still wouldn’t find a way to get him in??”
Bruce Arians: “No… I just know him and it’s not a fit in our locker room.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians completely shot down any ‘Antonio Brown to the Bucs’ chatter, as rumors of the disgraced former NFL wideout following Brady to the Bucs had been one of the juiciest storylines since Brady’s unprecedented exodus from New England to Tampa.

Arians outright told Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney that it’s 'not going to happen’ and that it’s 'not a fit here’, in a rare bought of brutal honestly from an active coach speaking on personnel decisions.

Brown and Arians overlapped in Pittsburgh for two years in 2009 and 2010 when Arians was the offensive coordinator for the team during AB’s first two years in the league.

Buccaneers Are Reportedly Not Interested in Acquiring Antonio Brown

Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer had reported the same sentiment last week when Glazer made an appearance on Fox Sports Radio, saying that there was no chance Brown signed with Tampa because of an inharmonious relationship between Arians and AB that wasn’t really a big secret around the league.

Brady had established a loyal relationship with Brown during his short time in New England, and was even reportedly upset when Patriots owner Robert Kraft ultimately parted ways with the four-time All-Pro after only suiting up for one game.

If Antonio Brown Doesn't Fit With Brady in Tampa, He May Not Fit Anywhere - Thumbnail Image

If Antonio Brown Doesn't Fit With Brady in Tampa, He May Not Fit Anywhere

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