3/16 PMS Playlist

Show Open - Clandestino / Manu Chao

Natural One / Folk Implosion

Desperate Lover / Barrington Levy

The Real Folk Blues / Yoko Kanno

4 American Dolllars / U.S. Girls*

Soul Meets Body / Death Cab For Cutie

4pm Open - Each One Teach One / Jacob Miller

*Song Of The Day* - Grounded / Pavement

Chemical World / Blur*

Bury A Friend / Billie Eilish

Sharky's Dream / Teenage Fanclub

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove / Dead Can Dance

5pm Open - Rebellion (Lies) / Arcade Fire

Lucy / Soccer Mommy

Deport Them / Sean Paul

Love From Below / Neva Dinova

I Go Crazy / Flesh For Lulu*

6pm Open - Microphone Fiend / Eric B. & Rakim

Automatic Driver / La Roux

Tu n'Aurials Jamais Du / Maurice El Medioni

Keep On / Courtney Barnett

Nothing Really Matters / Los Super Elegantes

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