Justin & Kourtney Turner Talk LA Marathon, New Teammates, & Spring Training

justin kourtney turner

Kourtney Turner and Justin Turner join the Petros and Money show! Kourtney Turner is taking part in the LA Marathon that is coming up this Saturday, March 8th. The Justin Turner foundation has once again partnered up with the LA Marathon and raised over $50,000 last year!

TO DONATE: https://go.rallyup.com/647796/runwithak

Kourtney Turner:

On the LA Marathon:

In 2018, the Marathon asked us to be and official partner and they wanted Justin to kick off the race. I actually just signed up for the 5k & then people started donating and I started getting messages saying 'You are going to crush the marathon!" I kind of went in to it accidentally.

Justin Turner

On the 2020 Dodgers:

There's a real buzz going around camp with the new additions. It's exciting, every year is exciting but this year, I think the guys we have on the roster we are going to put out every night.

On Mookie Betts:

His message was urgency. He put a little system in to hold guys accountable. When we do It's a small fine & everyone has to be held accountable. I made an error in a game yesterday so i owe $20 in a pot.

Listen to the conversation above!

Photo: @court_with_a_k

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