Aaron Judge Says Astros Should Be Stripped Of Their World Series Title

Reporter: “Do you think the Astros should be stripped of their 2017 championship?”
Aaron Judge: “Yea, I just don’t think it holds any value. You cheated and didn’t earn it. It wasn’t earned by playing the game right and fighting till the end and knowing that we’re competing. The biggest part about competition is laying it all out on the line and whoever is the better player and better person comes out on top… To know another team had an advantage, that had nothing you could really guard against… I just don’t feel like that was earned.”

New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge had some choice words towards the Houston Astros organization in regards to their sign-stealing scandal that reared its ugly head as one of the most egregious forms of cheating in the history of sports.

Judge said of the 2017 World Series won by the Astros ‘I just don't think it holds any value’ and added ‘you cheated and didn’t earn it.'

Judge’s Yankees lost to the Astros in seven game during the 2017 American League Championship Series, in a series that now will forever be branded with an asterisk to anyone outside Houston.

Not only did Judge not wince any words when discussing the Astros’ infamy, but he also acknowledged and confirmed previous rumors that he had deleted a social media post congratulating Astros second baseman Jose Altuve on winning the 2017 AL MVP.

Judge said of Altuve’s narrow victory in the voting:

"They cheated, that didn't sit well with me. That post didn't mean the same anymore."

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